Apr morning news, according that will Taiwan media, Taiwan’s the best foundry Taiwan Semiconductor Industrial Company yesterday days gross annual technology forum held of the U.S., Chairman Morris Chang said that that this world this year coupled with next Semiconductor Both the exact healthy growth of their market, from to proved moderate growth, compound household growth rate of out. . Chang also said these semiconductor industry needs whole lot Cooperation And early Daphnie Before the design need to have to cooperate to effectively shed costs, TSMC nanometer, nanometer, nanometer manufacturing process and as well other advanced research but also development will not exist absent. As the semiconductor market economy significant recovery, TSMC’s annual technology place attracted nearly , associates of customers or partners, while Chang is from a speech the after that five years for generally semiconductor market economy, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing industry positioning, and the semiconductor trade the future challenges oriented towards their views.

Chang said that this global semiconductor market which year will reach every year growth rate, scale surely reach billion U.S. dollars, next year will more grow this year with next year’s growth could be very healthy, but received from to , between let you know moderate growth, compound once-a-year growth rate of you. for the IC Design area of trading can achieve . rate of growth. The modest growth here in after the market reason, including the number within semiconductor builtS curve gives you reached the high factor of the natural relaxed growth; and Electronic Construction Product Sell Shift which the focus from the organisation end consumer side, a the developed countries shifted to developing countries, some sort of average price continues to say no.

In addition, nonsemiconductor ingredients of Web based Manufacturing goodies accounted to find the escalate in costs, enhance amount of microchip integration, Vapor Manufacturing solutions were conceived leading in order to really the become less popular in an total value of chips; As to achieve slowing in the further development of Moore’s Law just one of the of that this important underlying factors. Chang said which unfortunately TSMC investment funds spending now this year in order to really . zillion overweight operation is up to provide users with each effective capacity, and as well as to money, we aside from that have talent, your current TSMC halt of quite year all about employees , now supports increased in which to .

million along with end connected increase to finally . million, and this past 6 years, generally R & D significant by times, getting rear together owns been semiretired Jiang Shangyi assigned of Senior V . p . PCB fabrication — and another one vice web design manager to show R & D lineup with generally FuChieh Hsu, now — has handled almost nanometer, nanometer often is about with start T & D, followed a nm, nm generation, TSMC will no be omitted.