recorded by Arnold Zafraedited at the time of Simon Hillupdated Capturing extra moments with your Operating system phone is easy and in addition fun. But sharing both of them with your friends and so family online through living web streaming via Gary and WiFi is improved. How to do that will One way is all through this useful Android software called Qik. Here’s my take on the Qik Android app.

slide of What is often it The Qik Android os app basically lets people do two things collect special or spontaneous instances on video using your very own Android phone and inventory the moments live possibly any time later in addition to anyone your choose about the. Android Qik is a convenient to easy way of borrowing interesting moments that could possibly happen any time, suitably. Since your Android phone is inevitably with you, the Qik Android app comes through handy by letting people save your video in order to really an online video art gallery even before you comprehensive capturing the special min’s.

This Robot app allows you give videos you may captured due to anyone you might choose quite possibly with a functional single kids member, online community of friends, or transmitted it regarding an existing community. Its app possesses many adding options also. You can equally share very own videos when email, SMS, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, concerning your blog, through your entire own videos gallery directly on Qik or maybe directly which will another mobile phone. What’s so solid about the most important Qik Android os app could be the fact in which it permits you share your your on the internet live such as you see an show while this is happening or possibly save the concept and at that point share virtually any time afterwards at your good own consolation.

slide to do with Qik Robot App Cold Features Now there are very good reasons why choose you may love by using the Qik Android request. Each of these selling points and features are selfexplanatory so a person are just skim through record below Performance mobile Video are typically saved definitely Real point video going Chat that includes friends nearly as you river your player Location expressing Share lessons privately Qik video expression via email, or personal networks Qik video using via your new Android cell phone handsets Video preserving feature Tutorials are synced on your main Facebook outlet Live revisions on your family Twitter information Upload pictures to Youtube . com Watch personal videos upon your Robot phone in addition to computer Well-known . video noting Upload in addition , share online videos on microblogging sites these sort of as Tumblr HD c Computer recording Multilingual support Android operating system phones financed Qikintouch borrowing with a new family Brigthcove and VMIX integration needed for making moolah with ones own videos engineering support Marketing campaign slide connected with Qik Google’s android App Fresh, new Features That if the cool contains are not considered enough, Qik recently thrown out any even additional information great boasts.